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A Learning Management System (LMS) is an asynchronous, online system that manages aspects of the learning process. It is the infrastructure that delivers and manages instructional content, identifies and assesses learning targets, tracks the progress toward meeting those targets, and collects data analytics for supervising the learning process of a student, a classroom, or the organization as a whole. An LMS delivers content but also processes registration for professional development courses, course administration, and skills gap analysis.

Canvas is the LMS for the Eau Claire Area School District. After careful review, Canvas was the Learning Management System chosen by a team of teachers, administrators, and other staff members for use district wide. Over the 2014/2015 school year Canvas was tested for classroom use, and it was adopted with the support of the Superintendent and School Board.
A purposeful adoption plan developed as more classrooms began trying out this new software. This gradual, purposeful plan is beneficial in order to give the Technology Department and Academic Services an opportunity to learn how to support Canvas throughout the district. We have a dedicated Leadership Team who are leading the implementation and training process, and this team also includes building Tech Leaders.
To learn how to use Canvas Parents, Guardians and Students can select the applicable course from the  'Public Course Offerings' box below.

All staff can select one of the courses from the list below, or log in to Canvas to view more courses.
All Parents/Guardians/Authorized Family Members have a Canvas Parent-Observer role automically created for them already paired with their child! To learn more about the Parent-Observer role, check out this Canvas course!
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