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Library Media Handbook - Administration


The school district budget runs from July 1 through June 30. The library media budget is supported by the Common School Fund.

Media and Technology Specialists work with their principals to determine how to budget the amount allocated by the Common School Fund.  Principals may also designate other funding for the budgets for library books, periodicals, newspapers, or audiovisual materials.


  1. Sometimes library books are lost or damaged by students.  Fines should be assessed for these losses. 
  2. Destiny automatically keeps track of payments. 
  3. You may also want to keep track of payments with a simple print form, such as the Fine Record. 
  4. As soon a payment is collected, all schools will give the payment to the financial secretary in your building for deposit in the district account. Please provide the student name, title of the book, and amount collected.  Fine payment envelopes with a form on the back for this purpose are available from Media Services.  You may request the envelopes from Jill Hegg. You should turn in the entire payment to the financial secretary in your building. If you need change to return to the parent provide that information when you turn in the money and it will be refunded accordingly. DO NOT make change from other fines collected as this does not accurately reflect what was collected.
  5. If a student returns a lost book, please fill out the appropriate Microsoft Form.
  6. You must also "refund" the money in Destiny to clear the student's account.
  7. Each school should budget an estimated amount to replace lost or damaged library books under Object 20432, Library Books under Function 222200-Library. (This is District budget not Common School Fund.)  The amount should be based on past experience.

Library Media Services for Eau Claire 4 Tomorrow Students and Teachers

  1. EC4T teachers may request resources from the District IMC by using Destiny Discover. The District IMC clerk can assist you: 852-3047
  2. Visit Clever for other online resources.
  3. EC4T teachers may check out books and other resources from their “Buddy Library” for classroom use.   Please email the library media specialist of the school to set up a convenient time to visit. You will need to select your own books, have them checked out to you personally and return them by the due date, (one or two weeks depending on the school.) Use Destiny to search for titles.
  4. EC4T sites will be allocated Common School Funds for purchasing books for students and teachers to use on site. These titles will be ordered, cataloged, and processed by Media Services. As long as the site continues participation in EC4T, the books will be kept on site.

Student Teachers

Suggested Field Placement Student Activities 


Recruiting  volunteers to help in the library media center is good public relations and provides much-needed assistance.   It is essential that the volunteers become enaged in meaningful work!

Suggestions for developing a volunteer program:
  • Send out a letter to all parents asking for volunteers including a brief summary of duties.
  • Offer a sign-up along with your schedule during Signing Day.
  • Select one of the volunteers to act as a coordinator of the group. 
  • Have the coordinator set up a schedule for volunteers.
  • Post the volunteer schedule online.
  • Provide contact information for all volunteers so that if they need to be gone, they can recruit a sub themselves.
  • Plan an organizational meeting at the beginning of the year.
  • Invite the principal and other teachers to meet and chat with the volunteers.
  • Train the volunteers in groups, or individually, to carry out appropriate tasks.
  • Offer a serice learning opportunity for University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire students.
  • Plan some form of appreciation or recognition.
  • Develop a handbook specifically for the volunteers. Include a map of the school, the circulation policy, etc.
Activites for volunteers: 
  • Checking-out, checking-in materials and shelving.
  • Reading to small groups of kindergarten or primary students.
  • Preparing bibliographies and compiling book collections for teachers.
  • Supervision of student volunteers.
  • Working with students to locate resources.
  • Working with students in selecting media and operating audio-visual equipment.
  • Bulletin boards and displays.