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Collection Development

Criteria for the Selection of Materials (See Policy 2522, Library Media Centers)

Initial purchase suggestions for library materials may come from all personnel--teachers, coordinators, and administrators. Students will also be encouraged to make suggestions. The recommended purchase of library materials will be made by the library media specialist. The District Administrator or Designee will approve funds to be spent on materials.  

The following criteria will be considered in reviewing suggestions for library materials or in evaluating whether to accept donations of materials. Some criteria may not apply in each situation and not all criteria need to be met in order to acquire and incorporate library materials. Materials should:
  1. support and enrich the curriculum and/or students’ personal interests and learning;
  2. meet high standards in literacy, artistic, and aesthetic quality; technical aspects; and physical format;
  3. be appropriate for the subject area and for the age, emotional development, ability level, learning styles, and social, emotional, and intellectual development of the students for whom the materials are selected;
  4. incorporate accurate and authentic factual content from authoritative sources;
  5. earn favorable reviews in reviewing sources viewed as authoritative by library professionals;
  6. exhibit a high degree of potential user appeal and interest;
  7. represent differing viewpoints on issues of interest;
  8. provide a global perspective and promote cultural diversity and reflect the pluralistic nature of American society by including materials by authors and illustrators of all cultures; 
  9. include a variety of resources in physical and virtual formats including print and non-print such as electronic and multimedia (i.e. online databases, e-books, educational games, and other forms of emerging technologies) in accordance with technology software selection as per 7540.03 - Student Technology Acceptable Use and Safety Policy; 
  10. demonstrate physical format, appearance, and durability suitable for their intended use; 
  11. balance cost with need. 
Selection is an ongoing process that should include removing materials that are no longer used or needed (weeding), adding materials, and replacing lost and worn materials that still have educational value.

All orders from Common School Fund budgets are placed through Jill Hegg, Media Services Secretary.

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Weeding is an essential aspect of collection development.  This process has been described as retirement, pruning, reverse selection, deselection, relegation, and discarding.

The CREW method is recommended: Continuous Review, Evaluation and Weeding. CREW Manual