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The Youth Apprenticeship Program combines work experience in an area business with technical and academic instruction at school. The student and an adult family member will need to fill out the Youth Apprenticeship Application as well as any application materials required by the specific employer.  Once an eligible student has been accepted, an Education/Training Agreement and a Registration Form will need to be filled out and signed by the student, an adult family member, and the employer.  Students who are interested in participating need to apply/enroll in the semester prior to participation.

Youth Apprenticeship Requirements
Students who are enrolled in grades 11 & 12 may choose to complete a one-year or a two-year apprenticeship.  For a one-year apprenticeship, a student is required to complete one credit (two semesters) of relevant courses and 450 hours of work experience.  For a two-year apprenticeship, a student is required to complete two credits (four semesters) of relevant courses and 900 hours of work experience.  The courses that count as relevant will depend upon the program selected.  These experiences are made available through a partnership with the Eau Claire Chamber Workforce Consortium and the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development.  A variety of programs are listed to the right.

If you have any questions about Youth Apprenticeship or Work-Based Learning, please contact: Michelle Radtke, Director of Post Secondary Readiness, by email or phone at 715-852-3091.

Youth Apprenticeship Options

Youth Apprenticeship offers several career programs to pursue. The options may vary depending on the availability of employers from year to year.  Each program has a variety of different options for specialization, which are called “Pathways”.  Click on the links below to learn about the skills linked to each pathway, and for the checklist used to verify that the student acquired valuable skills through the experience. 

Youth Apprenticeship Partners

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