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Mission Statement:

  • S.E.N.S.E. Collaborates with families, caregivers, teachers, staff, and administration to advocate for each and every student. Everyone benefits when we work together!
  • S.E.N.S.E. is all EARS Education Advocacy Resources Support For all individuals with visable and invisible needs. You do not ned to have a child receiving special education services to be a member of S.E.N.S.E.
  • Contact Us: SEPTOECWI@GMAIL.COM   

    2022-23 MEETING DATES

TIME: 7:00-8:30PM
October 6 – Putnam Heights Elementary
November 3 – Virtual *
December 1 – South Middle School
January 5 – Virtual *
February 2 – Lakeshore Elementary
March 2 – Virtual *
April 6 – North High School
May 5 – Virtual*

*Virtual Zoom Meeting Link:
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Meeting ID: 893 8790 9166
Passcode: 697407

SEPTA Meeting Videos
SEPTA May 2022
SEPTA April 2022
SEPTA March 2022
SEPTA February 2022
SEPTA January 2022
SEPTA 12-2-21 Part 1     SEPTA 12-2-21 Part 2
SEPTA 11-4-21
SEPTA 10-7-21 Part 1    SEPTA 10-7-21 Part 2

Special Education PTO Meeting Videos
October 2022--PTO Meeting Recording 

SEPTA Meeting Handouts
May 2022--Level Transitions for Students with Disabilities
May 2022--EC Transitions Roadmap
April 2022--IEP Team Decision Making
April 2022--Project Lifesaver
March 2022--Dreamship Center Handout One
March 2022--Dreamship Pediatric Therapy Center 
March 2022--Video Games as Assistive Technology Slide Show
February 2022--Executive Functions
January 2022--Thinking About Supported Decision Making
January 2022--Thinking About Supported Decision Making Resource List
October 2022 -- SEPTA 
October 2022 SEPTO Powerpoint