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In an effort to provide a unified voice from the School Board and to advocate on issues that are relevant to our District and the children and families served, the Board from time to time will adopt resolutions regarding various legislation being considered.  
The following resolutions have been adopted by the School Board:

Equity Statement - Adopted 3/1/2021

We Love Our Public Schools Week 2023 - Adopted 2/20/2023

We Love Our Public Schools Week 2022 - Adopted 2/07/2022

We Love Our Public Schools Week 2021 - Adopted 2/15/2021

Resolution in Support of the Hmong Community - Adopted 3/2/2020

Resolution to establish goals on sustainability, renewable energy, and carbon neutrality for the Eau Claire Area School District - Adopted 10/21/19

Resolution in Support of State Legislation Requiring School Districts to Stop the Institutional Use of Native American Symbols, Images, Logos and Nicknames as Mascots - Adopted 8/19/19

Resolution Recognizing Child Abuse Prevent Month - Adopted 4/15/19

Resolution Requesting Support for Legislation Aimed at Decreasing the Level of Child Poverty and Racial Disparities in the State of Wisconsin - Adopted 4/1/19

Resolution of Support for UW-Eau Claire Science and Health Sciences Building Project​ - Adopted 10/8/18

Resolution in Support of Increasing Special Education Funding in WI Public Schools to 90% of Cost Incurred - Adopted 8/20/18

Resolution Supporting the Office of State Treasurer - Adopted 2/21/18

Resolution Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. - Adopted 1/08/18

Resolution Commemorating Indigenous Peoples' Day - Adopted 10/09/17

Resolution in Support of Legislation to Protect DACA Students - Adopted 10/09/17

Resolution Opposing Anti-Local Control School Referendum Restriction Bills - Adopted 6/19/17

Resolution in Support of the Leading on Lead Bill - Adopted 6/19/17

Resolution in Support of the Wisconsin Voucher Taxpayer Transparency Bill - Adopted 6/19/17

Resolution for Non-Discrimination for Immigration Status - 3/06/17

Resolution on School Start Date Change - 3/06/17

Resolution on Collaborative Educational Climate - 9/12/16

Resolution on Public Education Funding - 9/12/16

Resolution Opposing Legislation that Places Restrictions on Referenda Ballot Dates & Implements a Two-Year Waiting Period Following Failed Referenda - 12/07/15

Resolution on Governor's Budget Proposal - 3/02/15