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Demographic Trends & Facility Planning Committee


Committee Members

Dave Fitzgerald Mark Goings
Carolina Johnson Philip Lyons, Chair
Timothy Nordin Janet Seymour
Ryan Weichelt Anne Hartman
Alicia Arnold Joshua Clements
Marquita Davis Nic Ashman
Heather Nicolet Amanda Guo

Resource Members

Jim Schmitt Mary Ann Hardebeck
Larry Sommerfeld Kim Koller
Heidi White Abby Johnson

Committee Charge

A standing committee to provide annual recommendations to the Board of Education regarding demographic trends, boundary issues, capacity updates and other relevant data. This would allow for long-range predictability of attendance areas, facility needs and programmatic equity.

Newsletter with Pertinent Information


2018-19 Meeting Dates


Meeting Agenda

June 21, 2018
May 17, 2018

Meeting Minutes

June 21, 2018 (will be approved at September meeting)
May 17, 2018


Archived Meeting Minutes