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NHS Course Registration Information

When considering course selection, students should refer to the Academic and Career Planning Guide for complete information.   

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Using Xello as a Resource
Youth Apprenticeships - Powerpoint


ECASD Graduation Requirements

4    Credits English
3    Credits Math
3    Credits Science
3    Credits Social Studies
1.5 Credits PE
  .5 Credit Health
8.5 Credits Electives

ECASD Credit Recovery Program (Night School) - Alternate school setting for seniors who need to remediate missing required credits for graduation.  Students are referred by their counselor.

ECASD Grading System

North High School implements a grading system that includes plus/minus grades (A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+ C, C-, D+, D, D-, and F). The plus/minus system will give a more accurate reflection of academic performance, as well as provide a uniform grading scale to help with consistency in grading. Grade reports are distributed to students in homerooms at the close of each 9-week grading period, except fourth quarter grades, which are mailed to parents at the end of the school year. Grade point averages are computed according to a 4.0 point scale.

 Grading system
  • A     93%     4.00
  • A-    90%     3.67
  • B+   87%     3.33
  • B     83%     3.00
  • B-    80%     2.67
  • C+   77%     2.33
  • C     73%     2.00
  • C-    70%     1.67
  • D+   67%     1.33
  • D     63%     1.00
  • D-    60%     0.67
  • F     0
Each student’s grade point average (G.P.A.) is determined by dividing the total number of grade points accumulated by the number of credits in which the student is enrolled. Senior students’ class rank is determined by their grade point averages.