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The History of North High School

Ever since the great Lumber Era of the late 1880’s, the Eau Claire area has had a continuous school district.  Over the decades the district has undergone a multitude of changes as the area has developed economically, geographically, and in its population growth.

For many years, the district housed all its secondary school aged students in what is now the district’s central office at 500 Main Street.  In 1957, Eau Claire Memorial High School opened its doors and then in the fall of 1962, the north side of Eau Claire saw the doors open on a newly constructed building which at that time would house both junior and senior high students. You can view the 1962 Dedication Ceremony Booklet here.

In the year preceding the opening of North High School, by student vote, the school song was set to the Minnesota Rouser tune, Columbia Blue and White became the school’s colors, and the Husky became the school’s mascot ushering in a new era of Pride in Excellence.

Since 1962, building additions/renovations have included:
    1973: Auto Shop addition
    1975:  Music and Tech Ed addition
    1981:  Wrestling Room and New Gymnasium (Doghouse) addition
    1990:  IMC remodel
    1997-2000: Athletic/Physical Education fields west of the building were expanded and reconstructed
    2000:  Auditorium, Office/Commons, Tech Ed, Band, and Science renovations
    2012: Student Services is relocated from 300 block to just off the Commons

These additions/renovations bring North's building footprint to 7.8 acres.

Since 1962, North High School has been under the leadership of seven principals including:
    David Barnes  (1962-1972)
    Fred Christensen  (1972-1987)
    John Bowman  (1987-1994)
    Terry Downen  1994-2001)
    Tom Fiedler  (2001-2006)
    Dave Valk  (2006-2018)
    Cale Bushman (2018-2020)
    Kurt Madsen (2020-present) 

Currently, North High School is home to approximately 1600 students grades 9-12, 140 staff members and one very large fiberglass Husky above the main entrance who diligently keeps watch over our 46.6 acre campus.