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All excused absences require parent/guardian/legal custodian written/verbal verification, which is to be submitted to the school attendance officer in advance of the absence or prior to readmittance to school. However, administration reserves the right to make all final attendance decisions.
The following are excusable reasons for absence as noted in state and district policy:
1.      Evidence that the student is not in proper physical or mental condition to attend school or an educational program. The district may request written statement from the physician or licensed practitioner as proof of the physical or mental condition of the student. Such excuse shall be made in writing, shall state the period of time for which it is valid, and shall not exceed 30 days.
2.      An illness in the immediate family, which requires the absence of the student because of family responsibilities.
3.      Medical, dental, chiropractic, optmetrical or other valid professional appointments. Parents/guardians are requested to make their appointments during non-school hours.
4.      A death in the immediate family or funerals for close relatives.
5.      Religious holidays.
6.      Family trips that can be taken only during the normal school term. The intent of this policy is to provide the opportunity for students to accompany their parent/guardian on a vacation, which cannot be scheduled when school is not in session. A parent/guardian is required to notify a school attendance officer 48 hours prior to leaving on vacation. Student vacations or trips without parent/guardian accompaniment are not excused absences.
7.      A court appearance or other legal procedure, which requires the attendance of the student.
8.      A quarantine as imposed by a public health officer.
9.      Attendance at special events of educational value as approved by the school attendance officer.
10. Approved school activities during class time.
11. Special circumstances that show good cause which are approved 48 hours in advance by the school attendance officer.
If excused absences exceed 10 days in a school year, the school may notify parents/guardians that further absences will require a doctor's excuse.
to stop by the Attendance Desk to CHECK OUT and CHECK IN 

If a student does NOT check out/in, the absence will be unexcused.