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Personal Finance: See Canvas for learning materials.

Microsoft Office:  See Canvas for online learning materials.


Hello to all!

Thanks to all students that have communicated to me that you have successfully logged in to the TestOut website to complete the MS Office course while we are all learning at home.  I know that it is a different environment than we are used to at school, but I think you will like it once you are in and start completing the tasks.  Think of it as a computer game—climbing to a higher level of achievement.  Perhaps you set up a friendly competition with a classmate or two and see who can finish a lesson with the highest score/fastest time? 

I’m re-attaching the lessons and activities you should be completing.  I check my reports daily to see  your individual progress.  Some of you have been very good at working—others of you not so much.  I don’t see putting in less than 3 minutes a good plan for learning. 

I’m here if you have questions.  Remember that each lesson has pretty thorough “show me” tutorials and that’s a good way to start since demonstration from me here at home is challenging.

I hope you are all staying safe and doing well!

Warm regards,



Hello! Thank you to those students that have been putting in the time completing and submitting assignments.  Great job!

I am attaching a new, more detailed assignment schedule that gives target dates for completion of each unit. Please remember that each lesson helps to meet a certain required competency to earn the transcripted credit through CVTC.


Hello! I hope this email finds you all still doing well. According to the course timeline, you should have completed all the Excel activities and ready to take the exam.  Please look at the attachment with screenshots that will help you find and access the test.  Good luck.  


Hello! Reminder to check your assignment schedule.  You should be finished with both the Excel AND PowerPoint units.  The tests for these units need to be taken this week. This will give you some time to complete the Access Unit before the end of the semester.  If you complete these activities and earn a C or higher, you will earn 3 college credits in addition to the .5 credit at NHS.  :)

Accounting I:  Students can use their textbook and paper workbook for learning materials.



I hope this message finds you and those you care most about healthy.

I’m starting to adjust to our new normal here at home, but I miss seeing all your faces in the classroom. Please remember that I’m available for questions or to offer help to the best of my ability with these restrictions.  Also remember that I sent the “show me how” PowerPoints for the lessons to you as attachments in my last email message. They do a really nice job walking you through the essential learning targets so that you will be able to successfully complete the application and mastery problems.  Completed activities should be photographed and sent to me as an attachment.  PLEASE take a look at the pictures before sending—I’ve had several that were so hard to read that it was impossible to grade.  Tear the pages out of the workbook before taking the picture so that I can read the whole page.

You should be completing the Chapter 5 application and mastery problems before the end of this week.  Then you should do the Chapter 5 Study Guide.  Test will be next week.  I’m still working on providing an online platform that will work the best for that.  Watch for another message with that info early next week.

Take care of yourselves! 




After the extension of the stay-at-home order and much discussion, we have decided to move forward with an online resource that will allow you to complete the learning activities in each chapter for Accounting 1 and submit them to me for a grade all in the same place.  No more snapping a photo and attaching it to an email for me to grade.  Honestly, it has be super-hard to read and each page has been taking me 25-35 minutes to grade. The website has videos, written tutorials, and other study aids to help you get started and move throughout the lessons successfully. I think you will like it.


Good luck to everyone on the Chapter 5 test  tomorrow (Tuesday, April 14) found on the Cengage website. Some of you still need to login and create an account in order to take the test. I recommend that you try to do that ASAP.  A reminder to you that the test is timed. You will have 60 minutes to complete once you start.

I am (re)attaching the instructions on how to login to this message.


Now that we have our first test in Cengage completed, I wanted to let you know that I did curve the test slightly.  In Cengage, it’s really important that you use the correct spelling of each account so you need to reference the Chart of Accounts.  If it won’t let you type in a cell, that probably means you are doing something wrong—like the wrong account name or you didn’t put the date in.  You can’t be sloppy about completing the tasks for each assignment.

Your next assignment is the REINFORCEMENT ACTIVITY A, Part 1.  Please note the dates—important for you to keep track of. You can do this! 


Instructions to set up a student account and logging into the interactive software to complete the NEW course online are on attached Word document.

After hearing from several students and digging into the Cengage student resources, it is going to be necessary to switch to a different course link. The Customer Support person accidentally gave us the link to the wrong resource—a multi-column journal instead of the General Journal that we had been learning at school.
06-1 ppt
06-2 ppt
06-3 ppt
06-4 ppt

I am ready to enter grades into Skyward for the NEW online Cengage course.  Imagine how disappointed I was when I discovered that only 6 students have bothered to login and do any work.  It’s important for you to know that if you don’t complete the accounting cycle (thru Chapter 8)  you will be at a definite disadvantage when you take the next level of accounting for college credit.  YOU ARE SO CLOSE—don’t give up now.  You will use the same login and password to join the GREEN cover book course.  I’m re-attaching the directions on how to access the course.


I am entering grades for Chapter 6 and discovered that only 12/24 students have logged in to the course and only 10 have completed some assignments. A REMINDER that the Chapter 6 test is scheduled for tomorrow (5/5/20). Many of you have lots of work to do.

You are ALMOST DONE!  The Chapter 7 test is scheduled and should be taken before midnight on Wednesday, May 13.  Don’t forget to do the Application and Mastery Problems as well since they will be entered in Skyward. After you take the test, move on to start Chapter 8. Good luck!


Accounting II: Students can utilize their online workbook and resource materials.



Thank you to all of you that have been working on your Chapter 6 activities—some of you harder than others. There are a couple of you that have not even started the chapter exercises.

Reminder that we have to complete the competencies in order to earn transcripted credit.  It may not seem like that big of a deal right now,  but as my daughter just found out this past week, her high school accounting and business courses are helping her graduate a semester earlier than if she hadn’t had them on the CVTC transcript that transferred to her packaging engineering program at Stout!

Please be aware of the Cengage calendar schedule for the chapter.  The plan is to take the Chapter 6 test early next week. Remember that I am here to answer questions if you have them.  Also I’m sure that your friends and classmates would be a great help as well!

Stay well! Stay in touch.


A gentle reminder that the Chapter 7 activities need some attention since the chapter test is in ten days. Not many of you have spent much time on Chapter 7. Please remember, I’m available to answer questions you may have.

I updated Skyward this morning, including putting in 0s for any remaining assignments if you haven't completed them. I wanted to give you an accurate picture of where your grade was at. This means SENIORS have through today to get above a C- if you want to keep the college credit. Those of you that have spoken to me and decided to drop the CVTC credit because you have earned a C- or lower, I changed your semester grade to NP/P. I will change your quarter grade to NP/P at the end of the school year, since I need Skyward to calculate averages/percentages. If you have a C- or lower, I will be dropping you from CVTC college credit tomorrow morning. REMINDER SENIORS: you have through today to get above a C- if you want to keep the college credit.

Yearbook:  Students can utilize their online class materials for learning.

**For Microsoft Office, Accounting I & II, and Yearbook--hard copies of expectations were handed out in class.  Ms. Boone will communicate through Skyward messaging with reminders about how to access the work that should be completed.


HELLO! I miss seeing all of your smiling faces. . .

It is becoming more obvious to me that we will not be having spring sports or activities to add to our book.  We need to be thinking of some creative ways to add some additional content.  We also have several pages that need to be completed so if that’s YOUR pages, please plan to get it done—SOON.  

I’ve really been spending time trying to get my other courses up and running online since three of them are transcripted with CVTC. I’ve recently tried to login to Josten’s Yearbook Avenue and found that the pages are locked and even I as the adviser can’t change that.  I’m trying to get tech help but waiting for a response. Seniors—I’m going to need and expect some input from you guys especially as this is YOUR book. Let’s try to get some stuff together to make this COVID-19 shut down a part of our memories.  You are ALL living through an event that your grandchildren will be talking and learning about.  We still don’t know how this will end.

Are any of you keeping a photo “diary” of the lock down? Some interesting examples on FB and Instagram such as Day 1, Day 2, etc.  My son and his wife are choosing one picture from each day to represent their stay-at-home situations.  Sometimes it’s their dog, oftentimes it’s their meals. . .  I think it could be fun to see student selfies of late night computer learning sessions or how they are entertaining themselves—hopefully all by practicing safe social distancing.  Maybe it’s a screen shot of a Zoom session or Facetime?

I’m asking you all to reach out to your friends at North to see if you can collect some images? I think that we could easily put some pages together to record this unusual time in our lives. Email me individually with your thoughts please. cboone@ecasd.us

Be well! Stay safe!