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English Learners (EL) Department

EL is designed to support English Learners (those whose first language is NOT English) in their core academic classes.  Each year a mandatory, standardized assessment is given (ACCESS) to those whose language level has been less than level 6 in the past.  This assessment determines, along with grades and staff input, the level of language acquisition of each student.  Descriptions of these levels can be found below.
In 2011-2012, the EL department  is offering Academic Foundations to our EL 9-12th graders who have achieved a language level of 4.0 or below.  This class will support the core academic areas with language development activities.  In addition,  there will be an English class for those at a language level 2.5 and below and a Fundamentals of Algebra class for those students who may not have the necessary background to take regular Algebra.
Language Levels:     Learners can…

Level 1:  Entering:     
Follow one-step oral directions
Name objects, people, pictures
Identify concepts about print and text features
Label objects, pictures, and diagrams

Level 2:  Beginning:     
Follow two-step oral directions
Describe pictures, events, objects, people
Locate and classify information
Make lists

Level 3:  Developing:     
Follow multi-step oral directions
Retell stories or events
Sequence pictures, events, processes
Compare/contrast information

Level 4:  Expanding:     
Analyze and apply oral information
Give speeches, oral reports
Find details that support main ideas
Edit and revise writing

Level 5:  Bridging:     
Draw conclusions from oral information
Express and defend point of view
Draw conclusions from explicit and implicit text
Author multiple forms/genres of writing