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North High Mathematics:

All courses will be using Canvas or Skyward messaging to communicate with students during our time away.  Please have students log on to Canvas and check for thigns they should be doing, or wait to hear from skyward messaging.

Thanks for your patience and cooperation.

AP Stats:
Hope everyone is doing well,

Just wanted to let you know I have updated canvas.  The plan is to post a daily video and follow along worksheet each weekday to prepare for the AP Test on May 22nd at 1 pm.  The calendar on our class canvas page will have the links to the videos and the worksheet.  If you want to watch the presenter live, the videos start each day at 1pm.


Starting with Units 6 and 7 (April 6th-10th) 

Units 1-5 (April 13th - May 1st)

The Homework will be the progress checks from the college board website that go along with the Units covered in the Videos, which is also posted on the canvas calendar.

Please stay safe and email me with any questions,

Mr. Erickson  



Many of you have a busy week...taking one or more AP Exams! Good Luck...this is your opportunity to show what you know...so relax and do your best!

I made and posted FIVE documents on the top of our canvas page designed to aid you during this last week of review and possibly be helpful during the Test Friday. I would print them before Wednesday's meeting where I will be going over them and answering questions.

FRQ PRACTICE I posted the two YouTube practice test on our calendar with answer keys

If you have not tried the 2020 AP Exam Demo, please do so ASAP. If you are choosing to type your answers, be careful how you type any math work. If copy/pasting a typed response, I was unable to get equations that I had typed using the Equation Editor to paste into the test demo. A good idea would be to use the work from one of your stats practice exams when you are practicing with the demo.
After hearing about submission issues with the AP Calc Exam last week, College Board has some more Tips to Avoid Problems on Exam Day. It seems people had some issues when writing on separate paper and uploading pictures, which is what I expect most of you will do for the AP Statistics Exam. The exam is designed to be completed using a single device, so some had problems because they were emailing a picture from their phone to their computer to upload...it might be best to open the exam on your phone...so try the demo with your phone. Other people had trouble because their phone was not set to take pictures as JPEG...HEIC WON'T WORK. (My phone is old so this was not an issue for me.) This week, College Board has added a Back Up Email Submission in case you have problems. Here are other Trouble Shooting Tips.

No matter which option you choose for testing...prepare...
• If hand writing, have papers labeled with your AP ID, your initials, and page number.
• If typing answers, have files set up (and know where it is) and first page labeled with your AP ID and your initials.
• Have formula sheet, tables, and notes organized
• Charge devices...including your calculator.
• Take the Exam where you have been doing your studying
• Ask the rest of your family members to take a walk or something during the exam so they are not using the internet at test time.

Microsoft Teams Meetings Continue
This week's meetings are Wednesday at 1 pm, Thursday (TBD probably morning)) and possibly Friday . Please go to your Canvas Calendar for our class and use the link on the appropriate day or Calendar (top right). If the times do not work for you, I will record the meeting and post them on Canvas. You can also continue to reach me by email or by calling my school phone number 715-852-6654.

It's show time,
Mr. E