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Department Directory


The school counselors:
Provide individual counseling
Facilitate support groups
Assist students in planning their high school course of study
Consult with teachers, parents, and administrators to help students succeed
Assist individuals to effectively access community resources
Administer tests and review results to provide information about abilities, needs, achievements and interests
Coordinate efforts with other school specialists
Coordinate referrals to outside agencies
Assist students with post-high school planning

   Counselor Name    Phone                          Email
Mr. Brian Woodie  (A - En) 715-852-6620 Email
Mr. Quinn Hrdlicka  (Eo - Kh) 715-852-6618 Email
Mr. Alex Baierl  (Ki - O)
715-852-6619 Email
Ms. Kendra Pagel  (P - Sto) 715-852-6616 Email
Ms. Justine Hildebrandt  (Str - Z) 715-852-6617 Email
Additional Services    
Coordinator-School Age Parents Program:
Ms. Kendra Pagel
715-852-6616 Email
School/Community Liaison: Ms. Blia Schwahn 715-852-6764 Email
Student Services Secretary: Erika Anderson  715-852-6603 Email
Registrar: Ms. Deanna Fuller 715-852-6614 Email
School Psychologist: Ms. Rebecca Lubinski 715-852-6682 Email
Speech Pathologist: Mr. Jeremy Trautlein 715-852-6771 Email

Nursing Services:
Ms. Lauren Leasum



ECASD American Indian Coordinator
Maggie Jensen

715-852-3106 Email