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Physical Education Department

The mission of the Eau Claire North Physical Education Program is to develop physically educated individuals who demonstrate the knowledge, physical skills, social skills, and self-esteem necessary to ensure a healthy and productive lifestyle.

Study Guides:
Archery 9 Study Guide
Golf Study Guide
Tennis Study Guide


Unit points are based upon participation, effort and written work. Quarter grades are based on accumulated unit points.
Students can earn 5 daily participation points.  To earn these the student must demonstrate the following:
  •  Be on time
  •  Dress appropriately
  •  Participate in a safe, respectful, best effort you can give manner
90% and above earns an “A”
80-89% earns a “B”
72-79% earns a “C”
68-71% earns a “D”.
Anything below 68% is failing.
The final grade will be an average of the points earned for all seven units.
Earning 1.5 credits in physical education is a requirement for graduation.

Make Up Work

Physical Education Class is based on active participation, make-up activities of a meaningful nature are required to receive full credit for the day missed.
Students who choose to sit out will lose full points and will not be able to do make up work. Students with a medical excuse can expect to do alternative activities such as, modified activities or written reports during class for each day the excuse covers.
Students should confer with their instructor for specific make-up assignments. Make-up is due at the end of the following unit.
Examples of makeup work:
  1.  30 minutes of activity for each day missed-activity recorded and  signed by a parent.
  2.  Review article for each day missed
  3.  After school lifting or cardio workout
  4.  Instructor specific request
Please select from the following articles:
Fitness 101


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APPROPRIATE ATTIRE: Tennis shoes, clean shirts and shorts or sweats are considered appropriate attire. Attire for each activity is established on the basis of safety, hygiene, health, flexibility, equipment care and preservation., Students must be dressed in appropriate attire for every activity as established by the instructor in order to earn the maximum number of daily participation points. . Tank tops, tops with spaghetti straps and tops that reveal the midriff are not appropriate for Physical Education class. Basically, we don’t want to see any cleavage, cracks or underwear. During swimming students must provide their own swimsuits and towels. Girls should wear one piece suits.
  Cell Phone, Blackberries, iPods, MP3 players and other electronic devices are not allowed in PE class for safety and privacy issues.  Please leave them in your locker and make sure your locker is LOCKED.

LOCKER ROOMS: Locks will be issued at the beginning of the semester and collected at the completion of the course. A lost lock will cost $5. You must provide your own towel for showering and swimming. Do not bring valuables or large sums of money into the locker rooms. The problem of theft does exist. If your backpack doesn’t fit in your locker, take it to class with you. THIS DEPARTMENT DOESN’T TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE SECURITY OF YOUR BELONGINGS. LOCK YOUR LOCKER !!!

POINT SYSTEM: Students earn daily participation points. In order to earn these points, you must attend, class, be on time, dress appropriately and you must participate in a safe, sports-person-like and whole-hearted manner. Laziness, jeopardizing safety, abuse to equipment and profanity will not be tolerated. Abuse to equipment will result in either a fine or the entire cost of replacement.

MAKE A BETTER CHOICE: View Make a Better Choice Contract. Students who are successful in physical education do so for a few basic reasons – attending, dressing, participating, doing make-up and being on time. Making the choice not to dress and be tardy result in the following consequences : 1st offense – talk with student; 2nd – contact parents; 3rd – lunch detention; 4th – 1 hour after school detention, 5th – 2 hour after school detention and 6th – drop class to retake later. For sitting out, detention can be assigning on the first offense.