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Data proves that attendance and success in school are directly correlated; therefore we implement the following:

If a student is absent due to illness, it will be logged in the attendance system as MED (medical). Students will be allowed ten occurrences of illness per year. After the tenth occurrence, a medical professional's written note may be required to excuse the absence. Administration reserves the right to place a student on a medical excuse list if necessary.
If your child is placed on the medical excuse requirement, you'll be notified by mail. The expectation will then be a written note from the doctor stating that the illness caused your child to be absent from school. This note will need to list specific dates and times of the absences. Such a note will be required for each absence for the remainder of the year. If no note is presented to the attendance office, the absence will be logged as unexcused and the student will be subject to discipline as outlined in the school truancy policy.