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School Information

North High School Mission Statement
“The mission of North High School is to educate our children in partnership with the family and the community to live responsible, fulfilling lives in a rapidly changing world.”

Respect Policy

Respect is the cornerstone of our relationships with each other.  We are committed to respecting the dignity and worth of each individual at North High School and strive never to degrade or diminish any member of our school community by our conduct or attitudes.  We benefit from each other.
Our diversity makes us strong.

NHS School Respect Policy

School Songs

Alma Mater

North stands for deeds of glory,
North is a hallowed name,
Ours the inspiring story,
Forward to shining fame.
From every son and daughter,
Loyalty goes forth.
We hail our Alma Mater.
Praise to our dear old North.

School Song

North High Huskies, hats off to thee.
To our colors loyal we'll ever be
Firm and strong united are we.
Yea for the North High team!

Fight Song

Go, North Huskies, go.
Your name and fame is everywhere.
Show, North Huskies, show
The valiant school of North-Eau Claire.
I say now, fight, North Huskies, fight
For as we go to meet the foe,
We will fight for victory
So go, North Huskies, go.

Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction - School Report Cards

In the fall of 2012, the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) began generating School Report Cards for public schools in Wisconsin.  Please visit the DPI website and select the Eau Claire Area School district to find information specific to North High School as well as all other ECASD schools.

Our Mascot / Colors / Motto

The Husky is known for its amazing endurance and willingness to work.  That's us!
We wear our Columbia Blue and White colors with pride.

NHS Motto:  "Pride in Excellence"