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 What is an Honor Card?

An Honor Card is actually your student ID card with a hologram sticker placed on it to validate that you are an honor card holder.  With an Honor Card you are entitled to various discounts and free items at over 50 businesses in the Eau Claire area.  An Honor Card also a widely recognized achievement that reflects positively on you when applying for colleges and scholarships or other awards.

How do I get an Honor Card?

There are two criteria for receiving an honor card: academic achievement and outstanding attendance.  Academically you qualify if:

·         your GPA for the previous semester was 3.5 or higher
·         your semester GPA was 0.5 higher than your GPA from two semesters ago

Outstanding attendance means that:
·         you had no more than 3 unexcused absences during the previous semester (each period you were marked unexcused absent counts as an unexcused absence)
·         you had no more than 6 unexcused tardies during the previous semester
·         it is your responsibility to keep track of your attendance record by the time Honor Cards are validated it is too late to verify whether absences were excused or unexcused

You do not need to apply for an Honor Card; each semester GPA and attendance data are screened to see who qualifies for an Honor Card.  You will be notified if you qualify and about when and where you can have your Honor Card validated.

If you have any other questions about the Honor Card program you can contact the coordinator of the SOAR With PRIDE program coordinator at North by email: jpatenaude@ecasd.us 
Honor Card Perk List
List of businesses where you can you use your Honor Card and what perks they offer.