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The Employee Handbook will acquaint employees with the Eau Claire Area School District (ECASD) and provide information about working conditions, benefits, and some of the policies and expectations affecting employment. It is important to remember that the primary purpose of the ECASD is to educate children, and therefore all employees should be acquainted with some of the basic tenets of the ECASD.  

Current Handbook: 
Employee Handbook 2023-24
Handbook Revisions 2023-24

Prior Handbooks:
PRIOR YEAR Employee Handbook 2022-23
PRIOR YEAR Employee Handbook 2021-22
PRIOR YEAR Employee Handbook 2020-21
PRIOR YEAR Employee Handbook 2019-20
PRIOR YEAR Employee Handbook 2018-19
PRIOR YEAR Employee Handbook 2017-18
PRIOR YEAR Employee Handbook 2016-17
PRIOR YEAR Employee Handbook 2015-16
PRIOR YEAR Employee Handbook 2014-15 
PRIOR YEAR Employee Handbook 2013-14
PRIOR YEAR Employee Handbook 2012-13

Job Description and Labor Market Review Cycle