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Payments, Transfers, and Refunds

The Eau Claire Area School District Food and Nutrition Program uses a prepayment system.  For convenience, ease and speed through the meal service line, we encourage parents to pre-pay for meals by:

  • Using www.myschoolbucks.com and paying by credit or debit card
  • Sending a check to school with your student
  • Sending cash to school with your student (no change will be given to students-any excess funds will be put on their account)

If you send cash or a check, please place it in an envelope and include your student’s name, grade and PIN number on the envelope.  Please make checks payable to ECASD.  We are not able to accept credit or debit card payments over the phone or at the point-of-service. Students may also pay cash at the point-of-service.  No change will be given to students.  Any excess funds will be put on their account.

All money remaining in student accounts at the end of the school year will remain in that account over the summer unless a guardian requests:
  1. A transfer of the money to another student within the ECASD
  2. donation to a specific school's Help Fund for meals or to the general Elementary Lunch Fund meal account
  3. A refund. 

    For accounts with balances over $10, checks will be issued.  Please include your current mailing address with your request.  Please note:  Refunds are processed by our Accounting Department the month after the request is submitted.  

    For accounts with balances under $10, cash will be dispensed from the Food & Nutrition Department.  Please contact our office to set up a date and time when you can come in to obtain your refund.  This will help assure the appropriate cash and personnel are available for your visit.    

    Guardians requesting transfers, donations or refunds may contact:

715-852-3061 or email 

Further information for on-line payments may be obtained at our
myschoolbucks.com information page.