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District Safety Program - Board Policy 720

The Board of Education of the Eau Claire Area School District had, as one of its prime concerns, the safety of students, employees, and other persons using programs and facilities. The Board has an established program to make school facilities, buildings, and grounds safe and healthful.

The safety program's goal is to reduce hazards and unsafe conditions. Plans, procedures, and equipment will be implemented to ensure that each employee and student is doing a necessary part to avoid unsafe practices.

Success of the program depends upon a positive, safe attitude and cooperation of all students and employees in the system. There is no one individual who can successfully carry out a safety program by himself or herself. The mere fact that no one wants any accidents will not in itself make the school district a safe place.

The Executive Director of Administration, in cooperation with Principals, will oversee the district's safety program. Staff, parents, and students should feel free to contact us regarding any safety or health concerns at 715-852-3025.