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Access to over 11,000 periodical titles and over 700 newspapers, children’s and adult literature, business, medical, and education sources, and many other specialized resources not available through regular internet search engines.

Most Common Used:
-Britannica School
 (Middle Edition): Encyclopedia articles with images, maps, games, and other learning materials.
-Explora for Middle:  Searches multiple EBSCO resources at a time, broken out by grade level.
-Middle Search Plus: Magazine and primary sources suitable for middle school students.

Off Campus Access- https://badgerlink.dpi.wi.gov/login
From Drop Down: Choose Eau Claire Area School District
Then, ecasd and click Login

American Government
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Biography In Context
Off Campus Access- Username:  eau_log Password: eau96926
Award-winning biographies from Gale publications and full-text articles from hundreds of periodicals.
Focus: Biographies

Off Campus Access- Username: southms     Password: falcons
Cultural information on 187 countries and territories, including maps, recipes, famous people, and photos.
Focus: Geography

Factcite Databases
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FactCite is a fully searchable online information resource brought to you by The Lincoln Library Press.  References include Sports Champions, Greek and Roman Mythology, Shapers of Society, American History, Biographies, and Essential Information.
Focus: General Encyclopedia

Gale eBooks
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Nonfiction and reference books on many topics for research or just to read for fun.

Pop Culture Universe
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Sirs Researcher

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Topical pro/con coverage of current and enduring issues, including over 100 leading issues.

Focus: Pro/Con Current Issues

Scholastic Go
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Contains Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia, Lands and Peoples, New Book of Popular Science

​Focus: General Encyclopedia

World Geography
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American History
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U.S History in Context
Provides a complete overview of our nation's past that covers the most studied events, decades, conflicts, wars, politicial and cultural moments, and people. 
​Focus: History

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Off Campus Access- Username: southjhs   Password: cesa10
Brings history to life by capturing the dramatic and defining moments in American History 

​Focus: History


L.E Phillips Memorial Library

The L.E. Phillips Public Library has many research databases to choose from.