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Student Council

Student Council is an extra-curricular activity, where we focus on building leadership skills, and school spirit.  Student Council is a group of 10-15 students from each grade, who will work together to plan activities for the students at SMS. It will require a commitment of a semester or a year, so please think about how your time is used and what will be best for you and Student Council. If you feel this is something you would like to do, fill out this application.

Student Council application 

Responsibilities of a Student Council Member:

  • Be Awesome
  • Try your best
  • Be a role model
  • Keep all grades above a C
  • Attendance at school and at meetings (meetings are held during the school day and during resource)
  • Follow school behavior expectations

Applications are always being accepted, typically the fall deadline is the 2nd week of school, and the spring deadline is the 2nd week in January. Other deadlines may occur, check the Student Council Board for more information. 

The 2018 Council will be selected in Nov. Please apply before Oct. 19th.

Contact person: