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Eau Claire Middle School Athletic Code
Eau Claire Middle School Athletic Code Spanish version

Program Philosophy
  • We believe that all students have the right to participate in athletics regardless of their experience and ability level.
  • South athletics is a “no cut” program and our coaches are expected to play everyone as equally as possible. 
  • Playing time could be adjusted if there are issues regarding attendance, attitude, effort, and cooperation.
Academic Eligibility
  • Academic eligibility is determined by the previous quarter grades.  Quarter 1 eligibility for 8th graders is based on the grades received Quarter 4 of the last school year. 7th graders start with a “clean slate”.  Students who receive one or more failing quarter grades will be placed on academic probation.
  • An athlete who received one or more quarter F’s may regain eligibility if he or she is passing all classes after the first contest has been played.
  • Students scholastically ineligible will be expected to practice during the suspension period. If, after one contest, the athlete is not eligible for competition, he/she will remain ineligible to compete in further competitions unless passing grades are obtained prior to subsequent contests for the remainder of the quarter.
  • grades will be checked prior to each competition throughout the quarter; if passing grades are attained, the athlete may compete.