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South School Resource Officer (SRO)

David Chapin
Phone: (715) 852-5293

Our School Resource Officer is a police officer from the Eau Claire Police Department that is assigned to a school as a liaison between the school district and the police department. SROs support school personnel and students with resources that promote academic success and improve school climates. SROs are also responsible for crisis management, community policing, school security, and conducting student-related investigations. 

About Officer Chapin
David Chapin grew up in the Milwaukee area before attending college at UW-Madison where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science with a Certificate in Criminal Justice. Officer Chapin has been with the Eau Claire Police Department for 6 years and an SRO for 2 years. He is also an Assistant Hockey Coach for Eau Claire North High School.
He partners with South Middle School and its feeder elementary schools (Robbins, Meadowview, Manz, Flynn, and Putnam Heights) to conduct on-site security surveys of district buildings, investigates any potential threats to the safety and security of the buildings and occupants and assists in de-escalating children in crisis. He works with teachers and staff to educate students on current national and local trends that are age-appropriate and relevant. He connects students and families with local resources that may assist them in a wide variety of issues. He works as a fulltime Sensitive Crimes Detective during the summer. David’s specialties at the Eau Claire Police Department include the Tactical Response Team and the Drone Team.

Falcon Reminders

  • Lock your belongings in your assigned lockers.