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Forensics Information

Participation in forensics will help improve student’s communication skills, could help improve grades and will introduce them to new friends.  It encourages speaking to audiences, rewards for participation in speech activities and offers recognition for communication achievements.  Students present material to be judged three times during a forensics meet.  They attend an invitational as well as a state level meet.  Topics range from speech, to interpretive pieces such as poetry, prose, storytelling, solo and group acting, and group topics.  They have the opportunity to earn a through their performance and meet attendance.  The season ends with a parent night and medal award ceremony.

Grade Level: 6, 7, 8
Quarters offered: 2nd (November) through 3rd (March)
Fee: see Fee Form
Contact person: Cindi Syverson


Forensics Schedule

Date Location Leave Pick up (approximate)

Family Night 
Date Location Time

Tournaments do not have set ending time.  Coaches do no know the exact time students will be ready to be picked up.  Please make a plan with your child regarding pick up.  Some suggestions are:
1.  Ask your child to call you when he/she has finished his/her final round.
2.  Ask your child to call you when he/she gets on the bus.
3.  Please do not have your child wait until we arrive at SMS to call.

Important Notice:
The South Middle School Activities Code applies to Forensics the same as it does to sports.  Do your best work and be the best citizen you can be!