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**Permits will be available at South until June 6th, 2023. Beginning June 7th, 2023 all work permits will be issued by the DWD through the link below. 
Work Permits (wisconsin.gov)

The Department of Workforce Development's Equal Rights Division has developed a new online work permit application tool. The online application is available to the parents of minors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any computer, tablet, smartphone, or similar device. 
Work Permits (wisconsin.gov)
The application is live now. A parent can access the site using these instructions. Payment is made directly to the department through the application, using a credit or debit card or by ACH direct withdrawal. Once the permit application process is complete, the Department mails a paper copy of the permit directly to the employer.
The following links are attached for additional information a guide to hazardous and prohibited work, the hours and times of day restrictions for minors, and links to the appropriate statutes and codes.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Department of Workforce Development's Equal Rights Division by email at workpermits@dwd.wisconsin.gov.

Per 2017 Wisconsin Act 11 signed by Governor Walker, effective June 23, 2017 it is no longer required that 16 and 17 year-old minors obtain work permits. Work permits will continue to be issued as usual for minors younger than 16.

Please refer to the requirements listed below for obtaining a work permit. Thank you

PROOF OF AGE: Driver’s permit or photo ID card issued by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, a duly attested birth certificate, or a verified baptismal certificate.

LETTER FROM EMPLOYER:  Signed letter stating - intent to employ the minor along with the job duties, hours of work and time of day the minor will be working - address and phone number of the employer's business

LETTER FROM PARENT:  (or legal guardian, or court ordered foster parent while the minor is under their care and supervision) consenting to the employment.  As an alternative, the parent, guardian or foster parent may countersign the employer's letter.

SOCIAL SECURITY CARD:  The minor must present their social security card, not just the Social Security number.

PERMIT FEE:  A $10.00 permit fee is required.  The employer is required to pay the permit fee.  If the minor advances the fee, the employer shall reimburse the minor not later than the minor's first paycheck.