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Attendance Staff:

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Welcome to Memorial High School Attendance

Attendance and academic performance are closely related. To benefit fully from the instructional program, all students are expected to attend school regularly and to be on time for all classes and study halls. The high school attendance polices are designed to develop students' punctuality, self-discipline, and responsibility.

Attendance Procedures 
Parents/Guardians are asked to contact the attendance office, 852-6300, between 7:00am and 2:30pm on the day the child will be absent from school, either for a portion or the full day of school; or provide the school with a written verification of absence. After 48 hours from the date of the absence, should no call be received or written excuse provided, the absence will be considered unexcused.

Unexcused Absences
Students who have an unexcused absence are missing important instructional time and potentially the ability to complete the required work. Students skipping classes may be assigned after-school or noon lunch detentions for each class period missed. All unexcused absences must be cleared within 48 hours. Any exceptions to this rule will require administrative approval. 

Make up Policy
It is the student’s responsibility upon returning to school from any absence to check with the teachers involved for assignments and other work missed. The assigning of make-up work should not be construed as a punishment for being absent, but rather a vehicle to assist students in covering the material that was missed. Teachers will provide missing work and allow two days for each day of an excused absence to complete any work missed. Other mutually agreeable arrangements may be made between the teacher and the student. When a student has been informed in advance of an impending assignment or test and then has been absent from school, the student will be expected to be prepared to turn in the assignment or take the test on the day he/she returns to school.  Credit for work completed may be reduced or not counted due to an unexcused absence.  Students who are planning a family vacation should obtain a form from the attendance office and complete the requirements before leaving for the vacation.

Important Reminder Regarding Attendance
  • Students are expected to attend all classes and study periods.
  • We request that absences are phoned into the attendance office the day of the absence, or the student brings a note upon returning to school.
  • Please prearrange any absences that may be foreseen.
  • According to Wisconsin State Statute 118.15, a student may be excused from school up to ten days before considered truant. Absences exceeding ten days must be arranged with the Attendance office to avoid truancy.