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Eau Claire Old Abes Hall of Fame Constitution

Article I: Name
The name of this organization shall be the Eau Claire Old Abe Hall of Fame Association.

Article II: Objectives of Association
This Association has been formed and exists for the purpose of promoting the best interest and true spirit of sports, past and present, at Eau Claire Senior High and Eau Claire Memorial High School. To this end, the objectives of this association are
  • To hold an annual Selection Committee meeting for the nomination and selection of worthy members to be inducted to the Eau Claire Old Abe Hall of Fame
  • To promote the nomination of athletes, coaches and athletic directors for selection to the Hall of Fame
  • To obtain necessary funds from the Old Abe Booster Club to ensure the continuance of the Association
  • To act as the authoritative body in the arbitration of any controversies and to answer all questions which arise relating to the selection of athletes, coaches and athletic directors to the Hall of Fame
  • To recognize by the induction of worthy members to the Hall of Fame

Article III: Qualification for membership in the Association
Individuals must have a genuine and sustained interest in Eau Claire Old Abe sports

Article IV: Selection Committee
Composition. There shall be a Selection Committee comprised of up to 12 school and community individuals to include a chairperson and an official recorder.

Vacancies. When a vacancy in the Selection Committee occurs between annual meetings, members of the Selection Committee shall choose a replacement and appointment will began upon acceptance.

Powers. The Eau Claire Old Abe Hall of Fame Association shall have control and management of the affairs, and policy of this Association. The Selection Committee alone, will have the power to approve each year's inductees into the Hall of Fame. The Association will operate in a cooperative manner with the ECASD to gain approval for placement of awards

Article V: Term of Selection Committee
Slection Committee membership shall continue automatically unless interrupted by written resignation or expulsion by fellow Selection Committee Members.

Article VI: Meeting and Voting
Annual Meeting:  There shall be an annual meeting of the Selection Committee to be held during the month of April. All members of the Selection Committee shall be given reasonable notice of the time and place of the annual meeting.

Article VII: Selection Committee Officers.
Chairperson. The chair shall preside at all meetings of the Association.
Recorder. The recorder shall keep records of all meetings of the Association. At the annual meeting, the recorder shall present a full report of all matters relating to the affairs of the Association, including a summary of all action taken during the year by the Selection Committee.

Article VIII: Obligations and Discipline
The acceptance of membership in the Association shall bind each member to uphold all the provisions of the Constitution and By-Laws and to accept and enforce all rules and decisions of the Selection Committee acting within its jurisdiction.
Any member failing in its obligations, as set forth, may be reprimanded or expelled by a two-thirds vote of the Selection Committee, provided such member shall have been given due notice of the charge or charges against him/her and an opportunity to be heard in his/her own defense.

Article IX: Nominees Competition
All nominees' entries for induction given under the jurisdiction of the Association, are subject to approval by the Selection Committee, and any entry may be rejected by the Committee.
Removal. Once inducted, Eau Claire Old Abe Hall of Fame Honorees are expected to continue to maintain high moral, ethicall character and demonstration of citizenship in order that they continue to be role models for present and/or future Old Abe athletes. Extreme violation of this standard may result in being removed from the Hall of Fame. Removal will be recommended by the Association and voted on by the Selection Committee.

Article X: Amendments
Amendments to this Constitution may be made at any meeting of the Association by two-thirds vote of the Selection Committee.

Revised 7-27-05