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LINK -  Link is a Freshmen Mentor Team called LINK.  We are preparing for the 2022-2023 school year and that means it's time to assemble our Freshmen Mentor Team called LINK. We are looking for positive, kind, and trustworthy juniors (next year's seniors) are welcome to join our LINK CREW! Freshmen Orientation:  SAVE THE DATE - August 29, 2022!
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What is Link Crew?
Link Crew is a program designed to allow select junior and senior students to act as mentors, friends and ambassadors for Memorial High School to the incoming freshman class.  It involves a first day orientation for the freshman led by the link leaders which includes an assembly, a small group breakout time, and a building tour.  We seek all kinds of students with all kinds of interests for this position.
What is a Link Leader?
A Link Leader is a junior or senior student who volunteers to act as a mentor and role model to incoming freshmen.  Link Leaders need not be “traditional” leaders.  We seek all kinds of students with all kinds of interests for this position.  They go through an extensive training where they learn to lead small group activities and discussions with groups of 10-12 incoming freshmen.  They also assist with the orientation day, academic follow-ups, and other formal and informal activities with their “linkers.”
Who gets to be a Link Leader?
Link leaders are just that, leaders, but they need not be “traditional” leaders.  We seek all kinds of students with all kinds of interests for this position.  We want people who are excellent role models and have a diversity of interests and involvements to be able to share with the incoming freshmen.  Juniors will have an opportunity during Senior Preview to apply to be a Link Leader.  Applications are reviewed by the Link Coordinators as well as the staff and administration.  A small group of sophomores will also be invited to apply based on recommendations from faculty and staff.
What are the expectations of Link Leaders?
Link Leaders are first and foremost expected to be positive role models for our school.  They are required to attend the May Play Day and the Fall Leader Training as well as the Freshman First Day.  We also expect that they will contact the freshmen in their group prior to the first day and also again during homecoming week.  They will also be expected to plan and lead at least one academic follow-up with their Link partner during the fall semester.
What impact does Link Crew have on the school?
The Link Crew Program strives to make our school a better place, but it is dependent upon good leaders!  It allows the upperclassmen an opportunity to impart their wisdom and advice to the incoming freshman as well as set the tone in the building. We seek to have positive role models who demonstrate positive attitudes, school spirit and pride and treat people with respect and dignity.  Those attitudes and behaviors are contagious and we seek leaders who will model them to the incoming freshman and keep the spirit of Memorial High School high.
What do Link Leaders get back?
The primary reward for members of the Memorial Link Crew is the opportunity to give back to their school in a meaningful and positive way.  All students can think back to being a new and incoming freshman and the inherent fears and concerns.  Link Crew provides an opportunity to help the next class of “Old Abes” with this transition.  Link Leaders also gain invaluable leadership experience and training as well as a resume item.  They also receive a t-shirt and a “thank-you picnic” in the spring semester.  But ultimately, if you are looking at this program for what you can get out of it, it may not be the best program for you!