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Cross Country - Girls

Head Coach:  Angie Rush
 email: arush@ecasd.us
Assistant Coach: Still working on it!
Volunteer Assist. Coach: 
Grace Vogt

Questions?  Please email me using the address above.

Sign up for all athletes is now online - click here to access the registration information.

a.  Please make sure you are cleared to practice through the athletic office.  
b.  Even though practice officially begins at 8:00 AM, you should plan on meeting in the wrestling room at Memorial High School by 7:50 AM.  Please use the athletic entrance to Memorial High School to gain access to the building.  This entrance is located on the east side of the building by the soccer fields.
c.  Please bring a lock to lock up your valuables if you plan on using one of the lockers in the team locker room.  If you use the entrance I've described above, you will pass the girls' team locker room on your way to the wrestling room.
d.  Please bring a watch with a timing function every day to practice.
e.  Please bring a water bottle to practice every day.  You may want to write your name on the bottle so you don't confuse yours with another athlete's bottle.
f.  Bring something to "refuel" with.  This is something to eat and/or drink after practice to replenish energy stores that are depleted during a practice session.  An energy bar with Gatorade is pretty common.  I prefer chocolate milk, but that might be difficult to keep cold unless you bring a cooler.  A bagel with peanut butter and an energy drink like Gatorade or Powerade also works well.
g.  Make sure you eat breakfast before you come to practice.
h.  We will run a 2-mile time trial at the first practice.
i.  Practices the first week are typically lengthy as we have much to teach you.  We may be as late as 10:30 or 10:45.
  To be cleared to practice, the following paperwork needs to be completed:

1.) A current W.I.A.A. physical dated after April 1st 2018  (Physicals are good for 2 years from the April 1st date)Physical forms are found on this athletic website. Click on "MHS Athletic Forms" on the left side of the homepage and you’ll find the form on the right side under "Forms". They can also be found in the athletic office, and at most Dr.'s offices. If you are unsure when your son/daughter's last physical was you may contact the athletic office and we can help with that information as well. 

2.) The Emergency Medical Treatment form - This is the yellow carbon form that includes name, address, insurance information and emergency contact. All athletes/parents at Memorial will fill this form out one time per year. If you fill it out for a fall sport you need not fill it out again as it stays on file in the athletic office through the end of the year.

3.) Athletic Code Receipt This form AND THE ATHLETIC CODE are on the same page as the physical form on the website under "Forms". Please read the athletic code, print and sign the athletic code receipt form and include with your paperwork. This form is also signed once per year. Once you sign it, it is good for the entire school year. Signing this form says you agree to follow the rules of the Eau Claire School District’s Athletic Code of Conduct.

4.) Concussion - Parent/Athlete Agreement form This is the form that you were told (fall sports only since code signing for fall is in May) could not be turned in at code signing, but rather must be turned in 1 week prior to the start of your season. You can find this form under the "Concussion Information" section directly under the "Forms" section of the "MHS Athletics Forms" page. This form is a two page, or two-sided form. Please remember when you turn in this form one week before your season that both pages are filled out. This form only needs to be completed once per year.

5.) Concussion Impact form is required for all incoming freshmen, juniors and first time athletes at Memorial. This form can be turned in to the athletic office, but then goes to our Athletic Trainer for use during impact testing.

6.) Athletic Fee form - This form can be found under the "Forms" section on the "MHS Athletic Forms" page, picked up in the athletic office, or at the administration building. This form must be filled out by everyone whether a fee is required or not, and either mailed or dropped off in the accounting office at the administration building - 500 main St.


   Senior girls will be determining and communicating the location and time of the runs, but plan on meeting @ 8:00 AM @ the Memorial High School track unless you hear otherwise.  Work-outs are planned for Monday through Friday each week through the end of July.  Memorial cross-country coaches may be present for the first few minutes of these "fun runs", but the runs are predominantly led by juniors and seniors.
  These runs are open to all interested student-athletes, not just cross-country runners.  Bring a friend if you'd like.  Attend when you can, but the more consistent you are, the more beneficial to you.  You'll need a watch with a stopwatch function because we ask that you time the duration of each run and keep a log of your minutes and miles.
   Bottom line...start running and record what you do!!!  You are also encouraged to participate 2 to 3 times per week in the strength program through Momentum Fitness offered at Memorial.  You can do this after your run, and you should log that, too!
    Use the link under "2016 Schedules" for instructions on establishing an online mileage log account.  You will also find a link to summer training information there, also.


   The Old Abe girls harriers captured 4 of the top 14 places at the Chippewa Falls sectional to win their 5th consecutive sectional championships on Saturday October 22nd.  Hannah Roeske was the individual winner finishing the 5K course in 18:45.

Use this link to view a video of the finish


The Eau Claire Memorial Girls' cross-country team won their second straight team state title on Saturday in Wisconsin Rapids.  Three of the top 22 finishers were Old Abes!!  Aubrey Roberts captured the school's first individual cross country state championship, Hannah Roeske was 7th overall earning 1st Team All-State honors, Sophia Smith was 22nd earning Honorable Mention All-State honors, Zoe Smith 52nd, Charlotte Dial 94th, Kari Bertrang 126th, and Morgan Barnhardt 138th out of 190 finishers.  Congratulations on a fantastic season, girls!!

use this link to view parts of the race


Use this link to view a video of the state meet course.

If you've ever wondered what cross country is about, check out this link:
   The Eau Claire Memorial Girls' cross-country team won the first team state title in school history on Saturday in Wisconsin Rapids.  Four of the top 37 finishers were Old Abes!!  Aubrey Roberts finished 2nd overall earning 1st Team All-State honors, Kaitlyn Gynnild was 18th overall earning 2nd Team All-State honors, Elena Smith was 31st, Hannah Roeske 37th, Zoe Smith 94th, Sophia Smith 95th and Kari Bertrang 104th out of 185 finishers.  Congratulations on a fantastic finish to the season, girls!!
Use this link to view a state meet summary program.