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Advisor:  Kathy Campbell de Loyo

The Kodak is the name of Memorial’s yearbook.  Yearbook is a separate elective class that can be taken through school.  Students design, create, and distribute the yearbook.

Last Chance to Buy a 2023 Yearbook!

We do have a limited number of yearbooks left for purchase.  Do not call the school to verify a yearbook order.  Please call Jostens at 1-877-767-5217.  If copies are available, you can purchase a yearbook if there is not one on record for your child.  Or please click  HERE The online offer will be live until the yearbooks arrive at Memorial or we are sold out.  Thanks again for paying close attention to this last chance notice. 
*We can’t guarantee any copies for sale once the yearbooks arrive at your school.

Pick-up a Purchased Yearbook

Great news! Yearbooks are here. To pick up your Yearbook during the summer, go to the Athletics Office within Student Services Monday through Thursday. To see if you have purchased a yearbook, click here. There are no extra copies available for sale. 

Buy a 2022 Yearbook--Sold Out

There are no extra copies available. However, copies that haven't been picked up yet will be available for sale beginning November 1, 2023. Simply bring a $55 cash or check payable to Memorial High School to Kathy Campbell de Loyo's in room 1855.

Senior Picture Requirements for the Yearbook and Upload

Senior pictures were due to the yearbook advisor by November 1, 2022 for the 2023 yearbook. Senior pictures are no longer being accepted. 

Your picture must have the following criteria:

-Head and shoulder portrait (upright) vs. a landscape image (sideways) picture. If the picture you submit is not cropped to head and shoulders, we will crop it for you.
-Minimum resolution of 300 dpi and size of 2 inches x 3 inches. You may submit an uncropped, full-size version, and we will crop it for you. Please do not send pictures from a social media site such as Instagram or Facebook. These tend to be low resolution images which will print blurry. Please send the original digital version.
-Saved as a .jpeg
-The picture does not depict violence, alcohol, drugs, or anything that would violate school rules such as a weapon.

Did You Submit Your Senior Picture for the 2023 Yearbook?

Check this list in the fall to see if we have your senior picture. Please give us several days to update the list after you have submitted a picture. As a safety measure, all seniors that did not submit a picture according to our records will be mailed a letter after the deadline. This letter will be sent out the week of November 7, 2022.