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Men's Soccer

Head Coach:  David Kite, email
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Are You A True Athlete
A Selective Participant?

Selflessness - The true athlete understands and demonstrates a "team first" attitude. This athlete intentionally puts the needs of the team ahead of his/her own in every decision he/she faces.

Optimism - The true athlete displays a quiet, inner optimism based on preparedness. This optimism is gained from his/her own preparation and that of his/her teammates. Genuine optimism is based on confidence and confidence is based on consistency of accomplishment through daily work habits. Quiet optimism is contagious within a team.

Accountability - The true athlete is responsible and demonstrates it by taking personal accountability and action for what happens to him/her. accountability builds trust between teammates. The true athlete has come to the realization that work and practice are the surest ways to improve. When things are not going well, he/she looks to him/herself first to see where he/she can make a difference.

Respectfulness - The true athlete holds teammates, coaches, officials, opponents, equipment, and all he/she comes in contact with in high regard. Respectfulness should not be confused with lack of competitiveness. True athletes compete to the best of their ability.

*Students may not try-out unless approved by the Athletic Department.
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All sessions will take place at Eau Claire Memorial High School on the Varsity Field.
Bring cleats and guards and be prompt. All sessions are mandatory, failure to attend a session will lead to automatic elimination.
Sessions will begin on time, be ready to play!

Assessment of ability will be based on the following four areas.
  • Technical - the mechanics of the individual.
  • Tactical - the knowledge of the individual.
  • Preparation - the condition of the individual.
  • Behavior - the demeanor of the individual.
Fitness Testing will incorporate the following activities:
  • 1 mile run - Varsity requirement is 5 minutes 45 seconds. JV has no predetermined expected time.
  • 40 yard sprint
  • Pro-agility test: On the signal 'Go' the player turns and runs five yards to the right side and touches the line with his right hand. He then runs 10 yards to his left and touches the other line with his left hand, then finally turns and finishes by running back through the start/finish line. The player is required to touch the line at each turn.
  • Stability Ball Lockout: The player will hold a push up position (arms straight) with hands on a stability ball and feet on a workout bench for potentially 3 minutes. 
  • 5 Rep Max Bench Press
  • 5 Rep Max Squat

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