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Old Abe Memorial Garden

Too well loved to ever be forgotten.

This garden honors:
Students who have passed away while attending Memorial High School
Memorial graduates who lost their lives while in military service
Memorial graduate who passed away in the World Trade Center Bombing

The 6,500 sq. ft. Garden is located within the Memorial courtyard in the center of school. It was created by Julie Lowy with an easy to maintain design. The garden contains two-thirds trees/bushes and one-third flowering plants and ornamental grasses.  Stately trees and the long-lived peonies were chosen to honor the  memory of our veterans and students. It is planted with  "Red, White, and Blue" and "Purple and White" flowering plants. It was planned to have a captivating view from both the first and second floors.  Blooming periods were emphasized to enhance a cheerful early spring flowering, a colorful autumn, and an interesting textural design for winter. (designed by Heaven and Earth Gardens) The garden was formed in 2001 and dedicated in the spring of 2002.

Brooklyn G Kelly - Class of 2024 Austin Beaulieu - Class of 2016
James E Sullivan - Class of 2024 Christopher R Kurth - Class of 1993

Tyis Breuer - Class of 2017

Josh Fleming - Class of 1993 

Luke F Schuster - Class of 2015

Chad Marko - Class of 1993 

Divontae L Swearegene - Class of 2012

Travis K Kitelinger - Class of 1988 

Lance A Weiner  - Class of 2011

 Judith A Green - Class of 1983

Willow A Stoeklen - Class of 2009

Thomas Atkinson - Class of 1983 

Cody Anger - Class of 2008

Rodney S Berg - Class of 1983

Abigail J Jackson - Class of 2006

Mark Teela - Class of 1979 

Mitchell R Denk - Class of 2004

Debra J Geske - Class of 1978  

Sarah L Nelson - Class of 2004

Glen Passow - Class of 1977

Karolyn A Flach - Class of 2003

James P Fisher - Class of 1976

DeAnna E Barrett - Class of 2003

Susan K Potter - Class of 1974

Andrew R Boss - Class of 2002

Ronald R Rau - Class of 1974

Lalan Ho - Class of 2001

Curtis Griffith - Class of 1973

Rebecca L Stark - Class of 2001

Dennis Anderson - Class of 1972

Dawn E Fabian - Class of 2001

Lynn Kearney - Class of 1972

Kimberly J Miller - Class of 2000

Randy R Kowalski - Class of 1971

Jesse J LaPointe - Class of 2000

Richard  Cartwright - Class of 1967

Chue Vang - Class of 1997

Kenneth Beauchamp - Class of 1966

Mai Yia Vue - Class of 1997 

Richard Halverson - Class of 1965

 Andrew R Stremcha - Class of 1997

Bette Giedd - Class of 1964

Jared H Pickering - Class of 1995

Ronald Carey - Class of 1960

Memorial Graduates who lost their lives while in military service
Kyle Morrison - Class of 2003 Thomas H Utegaard - Class of 1966
Christopher Mosko - Class of 2002 Paul M Patrow - Class of 1966
Thomas A Lahner - Class of 1969 Ronald R Blohm - Class of 1961  
Harold F Flaten - Class of 1967  Kenneth M Garton - Class of 1960
Larry D Traaseth - Class of 1966 Gordon H Blexrud - Class of 1957 


Memorial Graduate Who Passed away at the World Trade Center Bombing
John P Hart - Class of 1981


Memorial Garden Donations Made In Memory of: Donated By:
 Donald Fank Skarda - Korean War Veteran LaVerne, Tom, Jim, and Julie Skarda
Sergeant Robert C. Mesang - WWII Veteran Joan Wheeler and Don Mesang
Colonel E Linderholm - WWII Veteran Beth Franklin, Marjorie Linderholm, Jane Linderholm, Paul & Christy Linderholm, David & Joyce Linderholm & family, Mary & Greg O'Reilly & family
James J Rhein - WWII Veteran Dianne Rhein, Bruce O'Brien, Emma & Sally O'Brien
T/Sgt. Robert Taylor - Korean & Vietman Wars Veteran Patrick, Susan, Carly & Nathan Smith
Jennifer Poeschel - Spanish Student Spanish Club
Ed Enders - Spanish Student Spanish Club
Brendan Q O'Brien - WWII Veteran Dianne Rhein, Bruce O'Brien, 
Emma O'Brien & Sally O'Brien
Robert Zobac - WWII & Lpream War Veteran Dick & Becky Mauch
Deceased Members of the Class of 1971 Class of 1971
Michael Talmage - Former Student Memorial Special Ed Department


Special thanks to everyone who made donations to make the garden a success!!
If you have any information, donations, concerns, or would like a tour of the garden, please contact us at:
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Old Abe Memorial Garden
Memorial High School
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Kim Winkelmann
Partnership Coordinator

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