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ECM Boys Cross Country

Head Coach:  Casey Bentley, Email



The first day of practice for the 2019 Season is Monday, August 19th.
Information about our 1st Practice Monday, August 19th, 2019:
  1. Make sure all 6 items of paperwork are turned in before the 14th to the Athletics Office or you cannot practice.
  2. Practice BEGINS at 8am so please arrive by 7:50am. We start with or without you! Enter through the doors on the east side of the building by the soccer fields.
  3. If you plan on using a locker in the team locker room, please bring a lock to secure your valuables.
  4. Bring a watch with a timing function (and preferably one that can take splits) each day.
  5. Bring a water bottle with your name labeled on it.
  6. Please bring somethign to eat for after practice.  You'll recover a lot quicker if you eat within 30 minutes of completing a workout. A healthy snack works well (i.e. granola bar).
  7. Eat breakfast before practice! If your stomach is sensitive try to eat well before practice so the meal has time to digest.
  8. Day 1 is a 2-mile Time Trial.  Be prepared to do your very best.
  9. Please allocate 2.5 hours for practice.  We may get done in less time, but there is no guarantee.
The 6 paperwork items that must be turned in prior to practice starting:
1.) A current W.I.A.A. physical dated after 4/1/18 - Physical forms are found on this athletic website. Click on "MHS Athletic Forms" on the left side of the homepage and you’ll find the form on the right side under "Forms". They can also be found in the athletic office, and at most Dr.'s offices. If you are unsure when your son/daughter's last physical was you may contact the athletic office and we can help with that information as well. (Physicals are good for 2 years from the April 1st date)
2.) The Emergency Medical Treatment form - This is the yellow carbon form that includes name, address, insurance information and emergency contact. All athletes/parents at Memorial will fill this form out one time per year. If you fill it out for a fall sport you need not fill it out again as it stays on file in the athletic office through the end of the year.
3.) Athletic Code Receipt - This form AND THE ATHLETIC CODE are on the same page as the physical form on the website under "Forms". Please read the athletic code, print and sign the athletic code receipt form and include with your paperwork. This form is also signed once per year. Once you sign it, it is good for the entire school year. Signing this form says you agree to follow the rules of the Eau Claire School District’s Athletic Code of Conduct.
4.) Concussion - Parent/Athlete Agreement form - This is the form that you were told (fall sports only since code signing for fall is in May) could not be turned in at code signing, but rather must be turned in 1 week prior to the start of your season. You can find this form under the "Concussion Information" section directly under the "Forms" section of the "MHS Athletics Forms" page. This form is a two page, or two-sided form. Please remember when you turn in this form one week before your season that both pages are filled out. This form only needs to be completed once per year.
5.) Concussion Impact form - This form is yellow, and is required for all incoming freshmen, juniors and first time athletes at Memorial. This form can be turned in to the athletic office, but then goes to our Athletic Trainer for use during impact testing.
6.) Athletic Fee form - This form can be found under the "Forms" section on the "MHS Athletic Forms" page, picked up in the athletic office, or at the administration building. This form must be filled out by everyone whether a fee is required or not, and either mailed or dropped off in the accounting office at the administration building - 500 main St.
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