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About Northstar

Principal's Welcome

Mr. Tim Skutley, Principal

I thoroughly enjoy working at Northstar and the many opportunities that are available for all.  I am looking forward to yet another year at Northstar and spending time meeting all of our parents and students.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me via email or phone.
Northstar Mission Statement
The mission of the Eau Claire Area School District and Northstar Middle School is to educate our children in partnership with the family and the community to live responsible, creative, and fulfilling lives in a rapidly changing world.

In order to accomplish this mission, Northstar Middle School must:
  1. Emphasize educational excellence, creativity, and innovation for all students and staff.
  2. Develop life-long academic and interpersonal skills necessary for personal, community, and vocational success.
  3. Provide opportunities for exploration and discovery of individual aptitudes, interests, talents, and careers.
  4. Maintain a shared vision and encourage active participation in the educational process.
  5. Create a nurturing, friendly, and stimulation environment.
  6. Recognize and respect diversity.
  7. Commit to a holistic approach to learning.
  8. Recognize achievements of students and staff.
  9. Commit to self-evaluation and continuous improvement.
In order to accomplish this mission the following goals have been established:
  1. Recognize and respect diversity
  2. Integrate curriculum and instruction
  3. Increase parental involvement
  4. Apply technology
  5. Contribute to the development of morale character and ethical behavior
Teacher Qualifications
Federal law requires that school districts notify parents annually of their right to request information on the professional qualifications of their child’s teachers.  All teachers at Northstar Middle School are fully licensed for their teaching assisignment.  The status of qualifications of your child’s teacher’s licensure can be found on the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction website.  Click on “Enter the Educator License Database Search Page.” Where indicated, enter the Last name, First name and click “SUBMIT.” It can also be found on the District’s website under the Human Resources Department.  If you do not have computer access, contact a principal.