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American History American History

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Explore by time periods from 1350 to the present.
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Access to over 11,000 periodical titles and over 700 newspapers, children's and adult literature, business, medical, and education sources, and many other specialized resources not available through regular internet search engines.

Gale in Context: Biography 
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Covering people from historically significant figures to present-day newsmakers, it’s continuously updated to ensure you have access to the very latest information.

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A general database good for information on world cultures, biographies, history, technology. 

Gale eBooks
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Nonfiction and reference books on many topics for research or just to read for fun.

Gale in Context: Middle School
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Dive into science, social studies, history, literature, and more from National Geographic, Scholastic, NPR, NASA, and other citable sources. Content from magazines, newspapers, videos, and primary sources.

Gale in Context: U.S. History 
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An overview of our nation’s past that covers the most-studied events, decades, conflicts, wars, political and cultural movements, and people. Includes images, videos and audio selections from trusted sources.

Scholastic Go!
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A general database with information on most topics. Use this database to get started by finding background information on your topic.

ProQuest CultureGrams
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Offers concise, reliable and up to date country reports on 204 cultures of the world, U.S. states, and Canadian provinces, and more.

Pro Quest SIRS Issues Researcher
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Pro/con database provide a framework for understanding and analyzing over 360 complex social issues with overviews, essential questions, viewpoints, and editorially selected primary and secondary sources.
World Geography

Wold Geography 
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Explore all the regions of the world and geographical concepts.