• (715) 852-5100

Main Office


Who should you contact at Northstar?

Administration and Office Staff:
Adam Keeton- Principal                                            715-852-5110
Justin Jablonske - Associate Principal                     715-852-5111
Sally Nestor - Attendance Secretary                       715-852-5102
Ashley Bellendorf - School Secretary                      715-852-5101
Jennifer Schilling - Registrar/Finance Secretary    715-852-5103

Police Liaison
   Northstar Police Liaison
   Officer Tom Xiong
   Phone: 715.852.5120
   Email:  txiong1@ecasd.us

Police liaison officers are responsible for investigating juvenile crime, counseling and mentoring students, and conducting educational presentations in the schools.  They also sometimes become involved in school disciplinary matters.

If you are the victim of a theft while at school, please contact Officer Xiong as soon as possible.