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Citation Tools

Most Used Citations (MLA 8)

MyBib  (easy version of EasyBib)


  • Search and select your sources, and it does the rest
  • Includes "ISBN lookup" for books
  • Sign up (e-mail address) is required for downloading the bibliography
  • Works for MLA 8, APA, and other styles

  • Useful for a variety of source types
  • Works for MLA 8, APA, and Chicago style
  • Simple registration required for downloading

Landmarks Son of Citation Machine
  • Creates one entry at a time, copy/paste into document
  • Includes "ISBN lookup" for books
  • Works for MLA 8, APA, and other styles

Son of Citation Machine


Why Cite?

citation reflects all of the information a person would need to locate a particular source. "A quotation from or reference to a book, paper, or author, especially in a scholarly work," (Merriam Webster) 

We need to give credit to the authors of the work that you are using. You don’t want to take information made or created by someone else without citing your sources. 

How to Cite?

bibliography lists citations for all of the relevant resources a person consulted during his or her research.

A Works Cited Page lists works that you referenced in the body of your work.