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Daily Announcements

Tuesday, October 27, 2020


Tuesday's Menu: Soft Shell Tacos or Benefit Bar with Yogurt and String Cheese

** Reminder: Outside doors do not open until 7:15 a.m. each day for students. **

Community Food and Other Resources

THE POINT to these announcements this month? To remind us all to be kind to one another. To give someone a compliment. To be a friend. Together we can continue to make SMS a great place to go to school! Kindness = Awesome!
On the first Tuesday of every month we celebrate colleges! We want to highlight our AVID awareness by wearing college wear. Wear your favorite college gear next Tuesday, Nov. 3rd.
All 7th grade art students need to pick up art materials in the 7th grade area on a table between Ms. Rowe and Mr. Deering's room. Please keep your materials safe and dry. If you feel you need any additional materials, please stop down to the art area after school to speak to Ms. Dehne.
Reminder to Study Club students, please make sure to have all of your belongings and report to the Auditorium right after you are dismissed by your Block 4 teacher. If you need to use the bathroom or fill up your water bottle, ask your Study Club teacher for permission. 
Dismissal times for today
Succeed at 2:47
Connect at 2:49
Discover at 2:51