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Daily Announcements

January 15, 2021

Friday's menu: Chicken Tender Wrap or Cheesy Breadsticks
Monday's menu: Chicken Strips or Cinnamon Glazed French Toast
Tuesday's menu: Nachos Supreme or Ham & Cheese Wrap

**Reminder:  Doors don't open in the morning until 7:15am each day!**

Attention Cohort A 8th graders, This is a reminder that you will be registering for 9th grade classes on Monday, January 18th during your first Mini in your assigned lunch area. The high school counselors will be here to help you with registration.  Your family should have received information regarding this process in the mail from Memorial High School. Be sure to bring your registration packet with you to school on registration day.

South Material Pick-Up:
Cohort C students will be able to pick up materials on these dates: Jan 14 & 28, Feb 11 & 25, and March 11 from 7:00am to 4:30pm at door 1. Teachers will inform their students if they have materials to pick up. Items will be bagged and/or clearly marked with the student name in the attendance office. Cohort C families may drop off library books and textbooks on material pick up days. These should be placed in the labeled bins. 

Community Food and Other Resources

Winter & Holiday Help

Pick-up Meals are available at South from 8:30-10:00 am  Monday - Friday on school days.  Enter Mitscher Ave.  Door #7‚Äč. 

Pick up weekly menu for January 15, 2021
Friday, January 15
Breakfast - Breakfast Bread & String Cheese with Juice
Lunch - Benefit Bar, Yogurt & String Cheese, Assorted Vegetables, Fruit

Pick up weekly menu for January 18-22, 2021
Monday, January 18
Breakfast - Cereal Breakfast Bar & String Cheese with Juice
Lunch - Ham & Cheese Croissant, Assorted Vegetables, Fruit

Tuesday, January 19
Breakfast - Mini Bagel & Yogurt with Juice
Lunch - Chicken Tender Flatbread, Assorted Vegetables, Fruit

Wednesday, January 20
Breakfast -Breakfast Bread & String Cheese with Juice
Lunch - Breakfast Bread, Yogurt & String Cheese, Assorted Vegetables, Fruit

Thursday, January 21
Breakfast - Benefit Bar & String Cheese with Juice
Lunch - Deli Wrap, Assorted Vegetables, Fruit

Friday, January 15
Breakfast - Assorted Cereal & String Cheese with Juice
Lunch - PB&J Uncrustable, Bug Bites & String Cheese, Assorted Vegetables, Fruit