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Instructional Models

Students will be attending a blended or virutal learning model for the 2021-21 school year. If a family chooses face-to-face (blended) learning their child(ren) will attend 2 days per week or up to 4 days per week. If a famliy chooses virutal learning students will work 100% virually from home 5 days per week. Students in blended learning will be assigned a Cohort: A, B or D. Students attending 100% virtual will be assigned to Cohort C. Below you will find which cohort each grade level is assigned and their weekly learning schedule they'll follow:


Students K-5 attending 100% Virtually will be assigned to Cohort C


  Want to Change Cohorts?
For famlies that would like their student to change their cohort please reivew   

To change your current instructional model for your child, please complete our request form.

Instructional Model Request 

To complete this form you will need your student’s ID. Student ID's can be found on Skyward Family Access  or you can contact the Sherman Office, 715-852-4801.

These requests will be reviewed at the end of each month and a determination will be made for the following month. If changes cannot be honored, the District will keep the request for the next month.