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Applying for EC4T

Who Can Apply
  • Families with a child who is 4 on or before Sept 1st
  • Residents of Eau Claire
  • Non-residents may apply through open enrollment

When to Apply
Parents may apply at any time for the current school year. Applications continue to be accepted throughout the school year for late enrollees.  (Choice of location may be limited.)

Parents are encouraged to apply as early as possible.  Enrollment opens early February for the next school year.  On-line forms for the next school year are not accepted until the February enrollment date.

What Options Are Available
  • EC4T classes ONLY (no charge)
  • EC4T classes AND the option to purchase extended child care
  • EC4T classes AND the option to purchase extended services (i.e. religious instruction)

How to Apply if I Want EC4T Classes ONLY  
Complete forms:
  • Online or
  • In person at the ECASD Enrollment Office at 500 Main Street or
  • By calling the Enrollment Office at 715-852-3063 
Families are encouraged to visit the EC4T sites and to list their preferred sites when completing the online enrollment.  Children will be assigned to an EC4T site and families will receive a letter with this information by July 1st. 

How to Apply if I Want EC4T & Extended Services
Contact the EC4T site of your choice directly to enroll in their extended services and complete the online ECASD enrollment form.
Priority enrollment at childcare or preschool centers is given to families who purchase extended services.  Priority enrollment continues until May 30th.