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What would we ever do without you? Thank you many times over for the time and energy that you give to our school, to our children, our students. You have read with our students, gone on field trips, made meals, delivered flowers, given smiles, .... the list goes on and on.

To ensure we all have a good experience, we ask volunteers to fill out a Volunteer Agreement every year. Some of the volunteer opportunities, like field trip chaperones, library helpers, and hallway readers, also require a background check. Not every volunteer needs a background check. Please ask Ms Jane before filling one out.

To be sure our volunteers understand our culture, beliefs, and simpler things like where the restrooms are, we ask that you attend these orientations:

* Volunteer Orientation. Volunteers are asked to attend this at the start of their Montessori Volunteer career. Once is enough.

 * Reading Orientation. Volunteers for EI and EII classrooms that will be reading to and listening to children read need to have a reading orientation annually.

* Library Orientation.  Library helpers need to have a training and/or a refresher annually prior to starting in the IMC.
Volunteer Forms and Information
Volunteer Interest Form
Complete Annually. Every year the volunteer opportunities change at bit. Please fill this out and return to Ms. Jane at Montessori so we know what interests you this year. Thanks!

Volunteer Agreement
Complete Annually. The agreement needs to be completed every year prior to volunteering. You don't need to fill one out for each school. One is enough for the ECASD per year. Return to Ms. Jane at Montessori.

Background Check
Once per level (elementary, middle, high school) unless something has changed in your background. Return to Ms. Jane at Montessori.