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Kristen Truscott
ECASD School Nurse
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April 14th - A Note From Your School Nurse
I hope everyone is doing well and remembering to take care of yourselves and loved ones. 
Please continue to update me on any changes in your student’s health conditions so I am up to date when the kids return to school, whether it’s this year or next. Some examples of health conditions could be, but are not limited to allergies, asthma, cardiac conditions, diabetes, seizure conditions and medication changes.  
Please feel free to contact me via email or district phone, and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Below is contact information. 
Kristen Truscott,  ktruscott@ecasd.us 715-852-5270 
For more information, you may visit the ECASD school nurse website at:

Take time for self care and be well.