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Meet the Office Staff at Flynn Elementary School

Adam Keeton, Principal
Hello and welcome!  My name is Adam Keeton and I am the Principal here at Flynn Elementary School.  It is my honor to work with an amazing group of young minds and a high quality staff that cares  about the academic and personal growth of every child.  My door is always open, so if you have questions about school (programming, instruction, assessment, behavior expectations, etc),  do not hesitate to contact me.  My office number is 715-852-3310 or by email: akeeton@ecasd.us 
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I look forward to our continued journey and pursuit of excellence!

Esta Mattice, School Secretary
Mrs. Mattice is the "heartbeat" here at Flynn.  She manages the day to day events ranging from student and school attendance to keeping the events that occur here at school organzined and running smoothly.  Please call or email Esta with any questions that you may have regarding, attendance, school events, school schedules, or if you would like to make an appointment with the Principal.  She can be reached at: 715-852-3301 or via email at emattice@ecasd.us