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Fine Arts Activity Check List
Below is a list of typical activities we engage in daily in class. Please consider continuing to practice mindfulness, dancing, singing, and acting while at home. These activities will help keep you calm and having fun at home. Remember, you can always email me at adernbach@ecasd.us if you have questions!
Mindfulness – Choose from any of the below and check off what you do.
5 Finger Breath
Mountain Pose
Childs pose
Rainbow Breath
Light as Feather
Swirling Jar
Downward Dog
Warrior 1, 2, 3
All of the mindfulness activities in the packet I am sending home with you
The Yoga channels we use in class can be found on Youtube:
Yoga with Adriene and YogaEd.com
Practice our memorize dances. You can find these songs on Youtube:
Roar by Katy Perry
Believer by the Monkeys
If you have internet, go to www. Gonoodle.com. You will see a lot of your favorite songs and dances we have memorized for class.
Under the  heading Channels click on Blazer Fresh. There you will get the song The Ball is in Your Court (memorized dance to practice)
Under the heading Channels click on Zumba Kids and you will see the song for our memorized dance to Clap, Stomp, Jump
On the GoNoodle site you will find all your other favorite dances from class.
Challenge: Pick a favorite song you know and see if you can create your own choreography to the chorus of the song. If you complete that, add more,

Acting Exercises
If you have started using scripts, you can work on creating new characters! Remember these key vocabulary words and use the back of the scripts to draw or write your ideas for
Main Action pantomimed
Props needed
How do the characters know each other?
You can also play these acting games with your family while you are at home:
Touch Blue 
Act out emotions and zones and have each other guess how you feel
Act out what you are doing  (What am I doing?) and have your family guesss.
Act like different animals
Act like different weather patterns
Make a J/K game! This is very popular.
Work on your joke delivery. Sample jokes to practice are included in the packet sent home.
Teach your family song of our favorite songs from class:
Pizza man
Chili, Chili
Purple Stew
Milk Shake
Just Kidding

Fifth Hour at South: Listen to
High Hopes by Panic at the Disco and practice the first 1:30 of the song that I have taught you.
Challenge: Create your own ending for High Hopes