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Scholastic Learn At Home
Provides resources and lessons for At Home Learning

Scholastic Teachables
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K-8 Resources and lessons for At Home Learning

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Watch & Learn Library
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Provides videos on a number of topics. Spanish Version available

Idea Maker
2020 Online Videos & Activities for Kids during COVID-19


Wide Open School

Resources for Parent and Educators


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Resources like video, articles etc on a number of topics


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Science and Social Studies resources

K-12 Resources
Free resources for teaching online

South Middle School
Staff Help Page


Recording Videos
Ensemble Help:

Laptop and iPad Directions

  • Videos recorded with the iPad camera app, then uploaded to Ensemble, will experience upside videos at times, depending on the orientation of the iPad when recording. If using an iPad, make sure the Home button is located horizontally to the right when you video.

  • You are advised to use the Ensemble Live app in Self Service to record and upload media, which is a smoother, less complicated process anyway.  For support in configuring the iPad app, please visit:

iPad App - Ensemble Live Configuration

Editing Ensemble Videos:
Ensemble has features like Trim built into the program, there are more advanced editing tools out there. Teachers may download the video from their Ensemble Library and then open it in the Windows 10 video editor program but finding it in the Start Menu and typing “video editor.”  From there, they may use many different features to clip and past various parts of the video, resave and re-upload to Ensemble.  For more information on the video editor, here is a helpful link.


Recording Audio
Voice Recorder Help
Voice Recorder is found by searching for it in the start menu of a district device.

Voice Typing

Open up a blank page, then click on "tools":

Scroll down to "Voice Typing"

Then a microphone will pop up:

Then they just have to click on the microphone and start talking. It will turn red when working. They can click on it to pause it. It will be black when not working. They will need to edit their writing and if they want to use punctuation they have to say it - "period", "question mark", etc.


ECASD students and staff may download up to 5 copies of Microsoft Office for free. 
Office 365 for Home Use Program


For Technology Assistance regarding District devices, call:  715-852-3411
The Helpdesk is staffed from 8am-3pm Monday-Friday.

Microsoft Teams Help
Microsoft Teams Guide
Microsoft Teams Directions

Teacher Directions for Teams in Canvas

Student Directions for Teams in Canvas

Microsoft Teams Help

Muting Chat in Teams:
Open the chat on your iPad/Desktop. At the top center, about the chat messages, tap on the name of the chat. From there you can mute and leave.

Closed Captioning:
Check under meeting options when you make/post video.

Student Microsoft Teams Expectations

Skyward Help
Resource Center 

Canvas Help
Sharing PPTs

Resource Link

Google Form

When inserting your Google Form into your course content, please:

  • On the Google Form, select ‘Share’ from the upper right hand side options

  • To the right of Send via, select the Link icon

  • Copy the link

  • In Canvas, create a new External URL

  • Paste the copied URL from the Google Form.

Your students should now be able to interact with the Google Form, and you will be able to collect the desired data.

Parent/Observer Pairing Code

Closed Captioning: 
(Found under Canvas Instructor 101, search engine):
Help Link 1
Help Link 2

Tech Help
Resource Center

Notifications/Messages Alerts Help
for Teams, Canvas and O

Virtual Learning Support
Support Page

Approved Apps/Programs
Link to List

Want to Read to Students?
Resources for Authors/Publishers and Copyright Information

Fall 2020 Guidelines

At Home Learning/Teaching:
Considerations for Teaching/Learning from DPI

PBS At Home Learning
Links and Videos for At Home Learning (Educators, Parents and Students)

YouTube Help:
Closed Captioning:
If you upload any videos from youtube, those have closed captioning built in.  Students just have to click on the 'cc' button on the bottom right hand corner of the video.