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Digital Citizenship

To the library media teachers and staff of the Eau Claire Area School District, Digital Citizenship refers to the norms for safe, appropriate, responsible, creative, and effective use of technology.  

Digital Citizenship involves more than just a one-time or even once-a-year lesson; it is a mindset for staff and students, using technology in a way that enriches individual learning and participation in the digital community, while protecting the personal and property rights of the individual. 

Paramount in the discussion, of course, is the safety of our students. Topics included in our digital citizenship curriculum include 
     -safe online behavior
     -being aware of one's "digital footprint"
     -cyberbullying, and what to do about it
     -responsible use of intellectual property
     -appropriate, effective online collaboration with digital learners

In addition to safety, students are taught to use our core community values to help guide their online behavior. Compassion, courage, honesty, respect, responsibility, work ethic, and justice—all of these values contribute to the well-being of our global online communities, just as they have helped build our strong schools and local communities.

If parents or community members wish to learn more, they should feel free to contact our school Library Media Specialists or the ECASD Library Media Coordinator.


People have a wide range of ideas and interpretations on what is and is not appropriate behavior for children. What we all share, though, is the responsibility to be informed caregivers, to know what our children are doing online, and to teach and model appropriate online behavior. 

Here are some resources you may wish to consider for staying informed, keeping kids safe online, and raising good "digital citizens":

Wisconsin DPI: Internet Safety - Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction resources. The best place to start.
Common Sense Media - Media reviews, parenting strategies, news, and more
ConnectSafely - US nonprofit group dedicated to safety, privacy, and security in social media
Family Online Safety Institute - International nonprofit organization dedicated to research and education on internet safety

Please feel free to contact your child's Library Media Specialist or the District Library Media Coordinator with questions and suggestions.