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Kindergarten and First Grade Bingo Game
Second and Third Grade Bingo Game

Dear Putnam Parents,
I'm sorry to say that the links listed below regarding recorders are not working.  Please use this work-around.  The following songs have tutorials on youtube.com.  Simply search for VMM Recorder Song.  Fourth grade songs are numbers 1-5 and fifth grade songs are numbers 6-9.  Have your child watch and then practice with the recordings several times (preferably a few times a day).  At a later date, I will have them make a recording to send to me, as they have done in the past.  Thanks for your patience as we get to know how this process works.  Mrs. Miller
4th Grade Music Activities on the Recorder
Grade Music Activities on the Recorder

Music Activites for April 2-10
Please read through the attached music information and activities.  If you have any questions or wish to share something, I'm available at jmiller@ecasd.us.

Recorder Activities
Mary Poppins Worksheet
Music Letter to Families



Please consider downloading the Artsonia app and uploading your art to our Artsonia page under "At Home Art!"  Click Here for quick directions.
Activities for May 26-29
Activities for May 18-22
Activities for May 11-15
Activities for May 4-8
Activities for April 28-May 4
Activities for April 14-17

Additional Art Activities for April 6-10

Physical Education: