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Message for Parents
Important principles to remember when trying to enjoy the game…..
  • Coaches have to make difficult decisions. Trust them.
  • Players aren’t perfect, so don’t expect them to be.
  • Controversial calls will happen. Live with the calls of the official.
  • Remember that officials are real people.
  • What are your actions and words toward officials teaching kids?
  • Parents are often tempted to lose their tempers at games.  Is your behavior caused by one of these issues:
    • Are you chasing after the ‘pot of gold’ for your son or daughter?
    • Are you living vicariously through your child?
  • Do you have an over-evaluation of your child’s talents?
  • Release your kids to the game.
  • Don’t try to coach your kid, we have hired someone to do that.
  • Enjoy and be positive!
What Athletics is Meant to Be
A Note to Moms and Dads from a Caring Coach…..
As I walked into my home last night, I noticed there was still time for a game of catch with my child before it was time for bed. While playing I tried to imagine what kind of athlete my child would be. I also tried to imagine what kind of fan I would be and how I would react to officials, coaches and players.
After a goodnight hug and kiss and, oh yes, two drinks of water (one for the teddy bear) I had some time to reflect on the game I had just coached.
I guess I hate to lose more than anyone else I know. But if I do lose, I know I can accept the defeat with class. I somehow couldn’t agree with the scoreboard although it said so many points for our opponents and one less for us. The scoreboard didn’t register the sense of pride I felt as our athletes battled to the end against their archrivals. My eyes, I am sure, were shining as I recalled how your child had made no excuses and quickly said to me, “We’ll get ‘em next time, Coach.”
Did you realize how many young people played their hearts out and had a great time doing it? Last night was what athletics was meant to be! Two great teams from two fine communities with moms and dads who were there supporting those they love and care for.
I hope you will share with me that the real victory comes from playing and having fun, rather than in winning. Please make “playing ball” a fun thing to do. Sure we want to win, but when the final seconds tick off the clock all that is left is the memory of how the game was played.
As a coach, I am fortunate to have the opportunity to work with a great group of young people. I don’t think you ever truly realize how much it means to your child that you come to the games. All I ask is that in doing so you are the type of fan who is a pro.
Criticizing officials, coaches and players does nothing to help your child or our program. Please be the type of fan who makes us proud you are there. Be enthusiastic in a positive manner. Attend our games showing your pride and poise.
Please help us to be proud of our Northstar athletes and parents, and support each other in a positive manner.